NEW for 2022, We are very proud and excited to introduce

Andrew Bayliss Hairdressing Training Academy

Andrew Bayliss Hairdressing Academy

The purpose is to provide an in-salon, client-based, hands-on learning environment for our future professional trainee students whilst giving an alternative more affordable service option to our clients. In our academy, all our 1st and 2nd-year trainee stylists are educated to fully develop the skills, knowledge and experience required to successfully complete their NVQ hairdressing qualification. The academy will also provide continued learning and personal development training for our experienced qualified stylists within the Andrew Bayliss Brand and will also offer courses to other salon professional stylists.

Anybody over 16 can use the academy as a client for salon services.

All Cutting and colour services are available. But as this is a training situation services may be limited or restricted due to specific individual training requirements and current experience level.

Time is dependent on the service and the experience level of the trainee in question, but guidelines are as follows :

Cut and finish appointments

  • 1st-year student: 2-3 hours
  • 2nd-year student: 1-2 hours

Colour /Technical appointments

  • 1st-year student: Half-day – Morning or Afternoon (4 hours)
  • 2nd-year student : 3 hours

It is important to remember this is a training situation so trainee students require a situation in which there are no time constraints or time pressure. This allows them the time to fully concentrate, learn and develop the skills they require correctly. Also, time is needed to allow the Salon educator to correctly demonstrate, guide and assist when needed.

(*Please do not commit to an appointment if you have time limitations. Be prepared for the appointment to take time)

Due to your investment of time needed on your part and the obvious trusting nature of the situation, all services are subsequently heavy discounted. In most cases more than 50% off normal salon prices.

Absolute Not!

  • All services will be undertaken only by students with the level of capability required to successfully provide the service in question.
  • All students and trainees will be closely and diligently observed at ALL times. As like a driving instructor using a dual control car.
  • Our Experienced technical educator will always have a firm foot on the pedal at all times.
  • All work will be consistently and meticulously checked throughout the service.
  • The educator will always be involved and interject without interference as much as possible, but the finished look will still have to reach and pass our high salon standard before allowing you to leave the salon.
  • The educator’s objective is always to guide the trainee to achieve this end goal individually. But for whatever reason, if the required finished standard is not achieved the educator will interject and complete the service.

Simply call the salon on 01600 2280235 to book a free consultation.

As Acadamy appointments are training opportunities, therefore all bookings require a pre-service appointment consultation with the salon educator and the trainee in question. This can be done either In-salon or virtually by video call. This will then establish the correct service to be given based on your requirements and also the training requirements and experience level of the trainee. Please note Academy appointments are not available to book online at this time.

Now Open and available every Wednesday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm.
At Andrew Bayliss Hairdressing
19 Agincourt sq, Monmouth, NP253DY