Monmouth Salon

Andrew Bayliss like to do things differently – Our salons in South Wales are consistently creating new styles, remaining relevant at the cutting edge of fashion. We always extend our clients with genuine warmth and welcome you to enjoy the Andrew Bayliss experience. We know that we are obsessive about hair, but equally, about how to make every minute of your time with us memorable.

From the moment you step in the door, we want you to be the focus of everyone’s attention. The Andrew Bayliss experience will make you feel at home, we want to get to know you, your hair, and how you want to feel with your new hairstyle.

At Andrew Bayliss Hairdressing our pricing is measured by the length of hair ‘Coloured’, area of application and/or product amount usage.

For example, A regrowth area application foils/weaves up 2cm on long, medium length hair would only be charged as a short length foil/weave price.

For correct pricing or when booking an appointment, please refer to the diagrams here and the table below to access your hair length (and if you know), your required application requirements to choose the relevant and correct service.

Pricing tables are best viewed horizontally on a mobile device.

Andrew Bayliss Hairdressing - Monmouth: Cleanse, Cut & Style

Hair OptionTrainee StylistDevelopment StylistGraduate StylistStylistAdvanced StylistPrinciple StylistLead StylistDirector
Cut & Finish£16£23£33£41£44£44£49£55
Deluxe Cut & Finish£19£38£48£56£59£60£64£70
Long hair Cut & Finish£19£28£39£46£49£54£54£63.50
Deluxe Long hair Cut & Finish£21£43£54£61£64£69£69£78.50
Childs Cut & Finish-£16£22.50£25£28---
Young Adult Cut & Finishno charge£19£29£34£40£44£44£49
Finishing /Blow Dry£9.50£16£19.50£22.50£24£26£26£28
Long Hair Finishing/Blow Dry£12.50£21£25£28£29£31£31£34
Hair Up£13£21£26£31£37£39£42£47
Dry Styling (15mins)£6£12£12£16£16£16£21£21
Young Adult Long Hair Cut & Finish£32£39£44£50£54£54£59