Meet The Team – Sam Carter

Sam has been in the hairdressing industry for 13 years qualified to level 3. During this time she had attended numerous advanced colour and cutting course to develop her skill and knowledge of the industry.

The newest member of the Andrew Bayliss team, Sam was eager to join a salon with such a good reputation for standards as well as being a big fan of Aveda products.

Sam is in her element when cutting and colouring hair and prides herself on her listening skills which ensure that her guests get the best possible service and the haircut and colour they dreamed of!

How long have you been hairdressing?

Since I was 18, so about a year now!

Which celebrity would you swap lives with for a day and why?

I wouldn’t swop with anyone, celebrities ask me to swap with them all the time… The price we pay for being perfect.

What is your favourite product on the retail shelf and why?

Damage remedy daily hair repair. You can use it in any hair type without it weighing it down.

Your stuck in New York, what do you do first?

Go to ‘Trash and Vaudeville’ and buy everything.

Who inspires you the most in life and why?

People who are 100% unapologetically themselves.

Whats your going to bed routine?

Bubble bath and podcasts.

What would be the funniest thing to fill a pinata with?


What song would you pay to never hear again?

Anything by ABBA

What was the last thing that you fixed?

I fixed nappies to my 2 resisting babies.

You have six hours left to live, what would you do?

Be terrified!