Salon Assistant

Meet The Team – Kirsty Emery

My name is Kirsty and I have been working at Andrew Bayliss since August 2018. I also attend Hereford Tech College where I am studying hairdressing. I live on the family farm, with about 350 sheep and 150 cattle, none of which I practise on! I am also an active participant at the local Young Farmers and when not at work or socialising I also help out at the family business which is a pub / wedding venue.

I have been hairdressing for 9 months (starting August 2018)

New Zealand, New York & Paris

Ham and pineapple

Benny and the jets

Working full time in the salon

Summer because everyone’s much happier

Size 5

A dog because they’re always happy

Eufora soothing cream, because it leaves it smooth, soft and smells amazing

Larry Lamb