Senior Stylist

Meet The Team – Jessica Hopkins

Jessica joined the team as a Senior Stylist a year ago but has been hairdressing for almost 18 years. She started her career working in a Monmouth salon after completing her training up to a level 3 qualifications at the Royal Forest of Dean college. Jessica then worked in a salon in Ross-on-Wye where she went onto compete in national and international hairdressing competitions, proudly bringing home gold, silver and a bronze medal.

Jessica worked self-employed for 11 years, until she met and married Mitch, her husband, and then went on to have their little boy, who is now two. Juggling the job of being a mum and a hairdresser was very fulfilling and hard work but one that I relished. Having accepted a position within the salon it’s been an amazing year for Jessica, being back in a salon and working as part of a team.

Every day is a new challenge here at Andrew Bayliss Hairdressing. I am fortunate enough to be a member of a great team and I always look forward to coming into work to see what my day has in store for me. I really enjoy meeting new clients and seeing my regulars.

17 years now….god I am old

My husband as he is ex-military so he’s pretty resourceful and good at problem-solving.

My Dad as he is a retired builder so could knock me up a decent boat to sail off

Richard Branson, because if I have killed the other two as they have done my head in, he can just get a virgin plane in for me, or if push comes to shove I will settle for a hot air balloon.

I would call it “The Etna” as like me a volcano bubbles away quietly but if she blows, look out. I would use Morgan’s spiced rum, original white rum, apple juice, caramel syrup, a splash of fresh lime, a cinnamon stick and a splash of red rhubarb syrup.

I would choose the Queen, just so I can see if she does “normal” things like swear, fart, moan at Phillip for leaving his wet towels on the bathroom floor, Plus she has some serious bling to wear!

Maybe Italy as there is such a lot of cultural history to explore, beautiful coastlines and I really, REALLY like their gelato.

Tom Hardy and I would not really change his hair as he is perfect but it would be a good excuse to just touch him.

Elvis, because I would like to know if he did actually die on the toilet.
Marilyn Monroe as I would like to know if it was an undercover murder or if she did commit suicide.
Tom Hardy so I could play footsie with him under the table.

Paul Mitchell’s The Shine, as it makes all hair colours look fabulous under natural and artificial light and it smells divine.

Definitely foundation, I feel naked without it and I have a 2-year old that doesn’t believe in lie-ins, so I always look tired!

Oh, I have two:

Schindlers list as its based on a period of history I am really interested in, and I have read the book and it is a very good adaptation.

Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, it is a masterpiece.