Meet The Team – Helen Pierce

Helen joined Andrew Bayliss in April 2019, joining the team as a stylist with NVQ Level 2 & 3 in Hairdressing. Helen studied at The Royal Forest of Dean College, where she met and studied with Jess Hopkins (studying NVQ Level 3 together). Helen began her hairdressing career in a salon in Monmouth, then moving to a salon in Ross-on-Wye before going self-employed, which she has been doing for the past 10 years.

Helen is engaged to Ian, who she has been together with for an absolute age! they have a daughter together and Helen has a son from a previous relationship.

Getting away from work and getting away from home is neither here nor there as I am flat out busy in both.

Including my Training, I’ve been Hairdressing 20 Years!! Gee Whizzers that’s a long time! Time Fly’s by when your having fun

That’s really hard as there are so many, probably too many to whittle it down to just one!

I’d be a Spaniel x Labrador x Collie because I get as excited as a Spaniel, as greedy as a Labrador… with food (love my food) and at times I am intelligent like a Collie, of course, I am also loveable.

I’ve not actually ever seen a bad Movie as yet, which is pretty good I think, but I have to admit that Disney’s Cars always sends me to sleep.

I would have to pick Buzz and Woody to eat breakfast with, sorry I can’t just pick the one. Toy Story is one of my favourite film’s (favourite children’s films obvs).

It has to be a Spag Bol, homemade by myself of course, I love cooking.

Qualifying as a Hairdresser at Level 3 all those years ago, and still loving every minute of it. Oh, and of course having three beautiful children, Liam, Amelia and Gabriella. Sadly Gabriella was taken too soon, but seeing my other two grow up is a real joy…and pain…in the neck.

Being driven there, having everything bought for me, being driven back, and that he was dressed up (that he had made the effort) now that would be perfect.

Snog… Tom Hardy, Marry…Tom Hardy and Avoid…Charlotte Riley as I’m guessing she wouldn’t be best pleased with me.

Record!! Record!! How old do you think I am?? Oh okay, it was Kylie Minogue ‘I Should be so Lucky’ from Woolworths. Showing my age again now.