Meet The Team – Hazel Davis

Hazel also celebrates 13 years service to Andrew Bayliss Hairdressing this year making her our longest serving member of staff. Having been with us for so long Hazel is a very strong and important member of the Andrew Bayliss family, and is always on hand to help and advise with any salon enquiry.

How long have you been hairdressing?

I’ve worked for Andrew and Sue for almost 14 years as receptionist not hairdresser!

Where was the last place you went on holiday?


Whats your favourite product on the retail shelf and why?

Awapuhi wild ginger shampoo and conditioner for the fantastic moisture and protection it gives my hair.

If you had to chose a celebrity to play the lead role in a movie of your life, who would it be and why?

Janette Tough aka Jimmy Krankie, no need to explain why!

What was the last film you watched that made you cry?

I cry at most films I see, the last one was bohemian rhapsody.

Do you dance whilst doing the housework?

Yes and sing I’m afraid

Who would you chose to be the Prime Minister of Great Britain and why?

Tom Hardy because it will be easy on the eye when listening to all the boring stuff.

If you had to travel to Antarctica with 3 people, who would they be and why?

Me, myself and I because no one would put up with me.

What song gets you first up on the dance floor?

Summer of 69

Describe your perfect day off?

A beach dog walk and a pub dinner with friends and family.