Meet The Team – Georgie Games

Georgie has trained andworked in two of London’s most prestigious Harper’s Bazaar’s top London salons. Throughout her career she has won a hairdressing trip to New York, become L’Oreal colour trophy semi-finalist for London and has been among London’s top haircutters by Lipstick magazine next to Larry King. Georgie has previously worked for the multi-award winning salon The Chapel and has been part of the photoshoots including one with celebrity photographer James Rutland for Redken.

Georgie loves all aspects of hair, especially blondes, but most importantly, will listen to what her clients want, she will tell them how best to get there and whether it is achievable.

8 Years

Gin and tonic

A book about keeping donkeys I don’t even have one!

My straighteners


Thai food

My nan, the best woman in the world

Cher no words needed, Patric Cameron the hair up king and Joan Collins because she’s just fabulous

It’s a wonderful life