Meet The Team – Emma Grinnol

Hello, my name is Emma. I had worked previously for Andrew for 13 years but had 2 years out while I was on maternity leave. However, I am now back, doing the job I’m most passionate about and I couldn’t be happier. Andrew personally trained me and offered me an apprenticeship; having began working for Andrew at the age of 13 as a Saturday girl. Initially I was very shy when I first began, but working in this industry has helped bring out my self-confidence. It’s great to be back, to do what I love doing most and looking forward to the future of hairdressing at Andrew Bayliss.

Ten Years

Got to be a chicken madras from the Indian

Would most likely be Ryan, Martin, Sam, Chloe it’s the sort of situation we would get ourselves in!

Awaphui wild ginger oil because it makes your hair smooth and shiny and silky

It would 100% be summer as it makes everyone a lot happier in general

It would have to be Ryan ( if only ) because he is a very good friend of mine

ENCHANTRESS and because I’d like be powerful for one day

Sophia my daughter because she makes me do the best I can

Spice girls!!

Pink gin and lemonade