Meet The Team – Brandi Thomas

Brandi has been working for Andrew for over 4 years and has enjoyed every minute of it. Since working at Andrew Bayliss Hairdressing she has completed both level 2 and 3 of her hairdressing qualification and level 2 barbering.

I’m very passionate about creative colouring and specialise in ombre and balayages. I hope to see you in the salon soon!

I’ve been hairdressing for 3 years.

I always misspell ‘Psycho’ I don’t get why the ‘P’ is in there!

Human Centipede – I don’t get why they thought that was a good film idea, absolutely disgusting.

Most definitely fajita as I live off them anyway.

That is a very hard question to ask a car enthusiast!

Every day is the best day of my life.

Olaplex number 3, I would have no hair if that didn’t exist.

My sister told me when I was about seven, it was the worst day ever.

*Andrew Bayliss Hairdressing disputes this question and answer as we all know Santa is real!

Rihanna because she is a successful bad ass!