Online Booking System – Early in 2019

online booking 2019

We are REALLY excited to announce that the Andrew Bayliss Online Booking System will be going “LIVE” early in the new year, as of February 2019.

We have just rebuilt the Andrew Bayliss website and our next phase is integrating the two salons, the varying levels of hair professional and the style or technical service you require into an online booking system that will talk directly to each salon. These are exciting times for Andrew Bayliss Hairdressing and we hope that you love the new site and our aims for the future as much as we do.

Our web developer and technical team are making sure the system will be compatible with each salon and we are looking to roll it out in February 2019 – we want it to be perfect, simple and convenient for us and more importantly for you!

Andrew Bayliss Hairdressing